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Proceal S.A is the leading premium aquaculture exporter in Colombia. As a company, we are dedicated to bringing quality products to market. Our main product is Tilapia, it is certified throughout its production process, with 4 BAP stars.

Mission and Vision

Proceal S.A. is a regional company with national and international projection dedicated to the production, commercialization of fish and poultry; that seeks to continuously improve the processes supported by competent and trained human talent.

Proceal S.A., will be in 2019 the leading company in export, venturing into European markets; participating in the national market to become the product of greater insertion in the different cities of Colombia.

Organizational Principles



Speed or promptness in all our processes.



We are all equal, in dignity.



We carry out all our processes with transparency.



We have quality certifications.



We produce the expected effect, which goes well for our processes.

Preservation of the environment

We have environmentally friendly policies.



To provide due safety and well-being to consumers, we try not to use elements such as antibiotics or other chemicals that may alter the natural and recommended state of the fish.


Water quality is the vital component for our activity, so water analysis is periodically carried out, evaluating the allowed parameters and verifying its quality.


The processing plant has a preventive hazard analysis and control point (HACCP) system to ensure that food is not exposed to any kind of contamination, chemical, physical or biological.


The company puts all its effort to deliver to its customers a product of the highest quality that can be recognized and enjoyed at any table, with the peace of mind provided by a clean.

Integral policy

PROCEAL S.A, dedicated to the production, commercialization of poultry and fish, seeks the satisfaction of our customers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors, through the continuous improvement of our products, services, processes and management systems; for this, it acts committed to quality, to the control of the health and safety risks of workers and to the prevention of environmental impacts.

Senior management is committed:
  • Comply with the requirements established by our customers.
  • Apply training programs, training, contributing to safety and health through self-care.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the management system, in accordance with the priorities, established under a scheme of continuous improvement.
  • Protect, prevent and reduce environmental impacts, and improve the environmental quality of our company.

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About Us





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