Integral Policy

PROCEAL S.A, dedicated to the production, poultry and fish marketing, seeks the satisfaction of our customers, contractors, subcontractors, visitors, through the continuous improvement of our products, services, processes and management systems; for this, it is committed to quality, to the control of workers’ health and safety risks and to the prevention of environmental impacts.

Top management is committed:

  • Comply with the requirements established by our customers.
  • Apply training programs, training, contributing to safety and health through self-care.
  • Identify the hazards, evaluate, control and / or eliminate the risks, establish the respective controls, in order to prevent injuries to people, occupational diseases, property damage and socio-environmental impact.
  • Compliance with current legal regulations on Occupational Hazards, Safety, Health at Work,Environment and Quality, and other requirements subscribed by the company applicable to the activity.
  • Promote a culture of prevention of occupational risks in workers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and all those who provide services to the company, guaranteeing the continuous improvement of the HSEQ.
  • Supply the necessary resources for the management system, according to the priorities, established under a continuous improvement scheme.
  • Integrate the main ecological practices reducing the environmental impact of our economic activity.
  • Protect, prevent and reduce environmental impacts, and improve the environmental quality of our company.
  • Increase environmental awareness of our work team, and other people who have contact with our economic activity.

General Manager PROCEAL S.A.