Proceal S.A is the leading premium aquaculture exporter in Colombia. As a company, we are dedicated to bringing quality products to the market. Our main product is Tilapia, it is certified in all its production process, with 4 BAP stars.

Our providers:

Hatchery: Alevinos hatchery

  • Piscícola Pénjamo
  • Piscícola Comepez

Food Plant: Concentrates for Animals

Process Plant: Export Pez S.A.S

Farm: Proceal S.A


Proceal S.A. is a regional company with national and international projection dedicated to the production, marketing of fish and poultry; that seeks to continuously improve the processes supported by competent and trained human talent.

We offer the benefits of always having quality products on hand, satisfying the needs of each of our clients.


Proceal S.A., will be in 2019 the leading export company, venturing into the European markets; participating in the national market to become the product of greater insertion in the different cities of Colombia.