Proceal Quality

We are accredited in Good Practices of aquaculture (B.A.P) that are part of a certification program developed by GLOBAL AQUACULTURE ALLIANCE (G.A.A.), being certified by Acoura Marine. Thanks to it, we demonstrate that we comply with the requirements to export to other countries guaranteeing the delivery of a clean and quality product around the world, based on the best aquaculture practices, addressing four pillars of great importance such as environmental and social responsibility, welfare animal, food safety and traceability; other topics such as relations between the community and employees, the conservation of biodiversity, water and soil management and the management of drugs and chemical substances.

Our quality is certified by ACOURA MARINE

Likewise, we achieved the certification of SUSTAINABLE AQUACULTURE (A.S.C.), which guarantees buyers, traders and consumers that aquaculture production complies with the world standard for fish grown in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.

The road to these certifications has been a constant work, seeking the welfare of the communities, the protection of the environment, the care of the species, the rigor of monitoring in the chain of production and marketing, the safety of food and sustainability of our company.